318566_389173447833200_873825526_nDJarle is a DJ and producer from Norway. His favorite styles are electro and vocal house, but he also loves to play uplifting and vocal trance. DJarle has been on line up with some of Norway’s greatest artists. Karpe Diem, Paperboys, Erik & Kriss, Cir.Cus and Lido to name a few, as well as international artists like Lazee, Byz and Pulsedriver.

DJarle is together with Mats the founder of PB-Party. Every year since year 2000 DJarle have been headlining the festival with 4000 teens at Gimlehallen in Kristiansand. From 2008 to 2010 DJarle had his own radio show named «Digital Sound FM» at the Studentradio of Grimstad. He has also been a guest DJ at Lt Wee Show at NRK MP3 and been DJ of the week at NRK P3 Ruben. You can hear DJarle play every thursday 7pm at the Maltesian radio DM Radio as well as at the clubs in the southern part of Norway.


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